Wrapples Just Arrived in Australia! Here's the Best Price

Wrapples Just Arrived in Australia! Here's the Best Price

Little Live Pets Wrapples have officially landed down under, and you can bet these are going to feature on more than a few letters to Mr Claus this year!

One of the few places to buy these right now in Australia is at Target, and the good news is that they are ON SALE! Usually $23, they're reduced to just $19 for a limited time. (Offer ends 31st October.)

What Are Wrapples?

In a nutshell, they're fluffy, wearable interactive friends with slap band tails that attach securely to wrists. They can giggle, purr and respond to chat and play.

And the kids will be wearing them all day!

Wrapples are programmed with over 50 responses, including a heap of cute critter-like sound effects. (Parents, you might want to prepare yourself for hearing these in your sleep!)

Tickling Wrapples incites fits of giggles, and hanging them upside down makes them fall asleep! Group them with other Wrapples, and they start singing and chatting.

These creatures have a variety of different moods, and this is indicated by the colour of their eyes. Red eyes mean they're grumpy, green eyes mean they're happy.

So far we've seen three different styles in Australia: Blue, Pink and White.

They're recommended for ages five and above, and they run on 2 x AAA batteries.

See them in action below:

At the moment, these are only available in-store at Target, but keep en eye out, they should be online very soon.

Other Sellers:

There aren't many at this stage, but you can try Online Toys Australia, and eBay.


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