Woolworths - Convection Oven "Hauffmann Davis" Brand $15 limited stock

Woolworths -  Convection Oven "Hauffmann Davis" Brand $15 limited stock

Convection Oven "Hauffmann Davis" Brand $15 limited stock, check your local Woolworths Store

Roasts, sears, toasts, grills, bakes
1400W, 125 to 250C temperature
12 litre glass bowl
1 high rack
1 low rack
1 x tongs for rack removal
1 x user manual
Timer (0 to 60 mins) and temperature control
Cooks 2 to 3 times faster than traditional ovens.
1 year warranty Telephone 1 300 850 350 http://lbau.com.au/ Lifestyle Brilliance Australia

Note: does not include extension ring.

Ideal for cooking roast chicken, roast beef, belly pork with crackling on top, oven-baked fries, oven baked spring rolls, oil free chicken karaage (Japanese style chicken). It doesn't work very well with cakes or muffins.


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  • Londoner
    Is this 'in store' only as I can't find it on the Woolworth website and the lbau.com.au website goes nowhere? For this I've given your post a negative
  • Donkey
    I cant find anything on a Hauffman Davis convection oven anywhere - woolies included. Must be a woolies own or something ?
  • stevehl
    Yes I have hunted everywhere for this on the internet. The Hauffmann Davis brand is imported by the same company (Lifestyle Brilliance Australia Pty Ltd) who sells the "Highlander" brand. Highlander appliances can be found on Crazy Sales, Deals Direct, OO.com.au and other web sites. The Highlander brand model LR-812 is $49.95 including delivery at http://www.oo.com.au/Highlander-1400W-Halogen-Conve_P138041.cfm Alternately the wholesale price (with a minimum buy of 840 units plus freight is around US $17 from http://gdolair.en.alibaba.com/product/428029154-209988521/Convenient_Mechanical_Halogen_Oven_LR_812.html)
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  • charleyb
    I bought one at my local woollies store for $15. At that price not a lot to risk and have used it 4 times with good results. Cooking a leg of lamb tonight see how it goes.
  • 989pongo
    I bought this oven a while ago, have since lost the user manual and am not sure how to begin the cooking process. Is there a download i can access ?
  • stevehl
    Here is a collection of cooking books for similar products. http://www.kambrook.com.au/media/instruction_manuals/KOT900.pdf http://www.georgeforeman.com.au/recipes/docs/turbo-oven-recipes.pdf http://www.tayama-usa.com/files/TO-20002.pdf http://www.thane.com/skin/frontend/default/default/pdf/FlavorWaveTurbo.pdf Enjoy. These machines are very similar to the Woolies/Aldi ones - they may have different fan speeds and energy ratings so the cooking time may vary. Especially great for garlic bread, roast meats, potato wedges, roast veges, oven baked spring rolls (without the fat!), and fries. Not so good for cakes, muffins and biscuits. If in doubt, search the net for turbo oven recipes pdf