Wool Blend Shawls $15 (were $79) @ Groupon

Wool Blend Shawls $15 (were $79) @ Groupon

If you really feel the cold, and are slightly terrified of our imminent winter, this wool-blend shawl offer is not one you want to miss. Usually $79 each, you can grab them now for just $15. Bargain!

There are a few reasons why I'm loving these shawls, and the first is that there's no polyester in sight. These are comprised of 70 per cent cotton and 20 per cent wool, and those natural fibres will not only feel lovely, they'll provide great warmth.

Then there's the shawl factor. Shawls are like oversized scarves, and they are delicious to wear during the cold months. The beauty of these is you actually wrap yourself in it.


  • 1 wool-blend shawl $15 (was $79)
  • 2 wool-blend shawls $25 (was $159.90)

Wool Blend Shawls $15 (were $79) @ Groupon

Each shawl has a check pattern and comes in blue, beige, pink, purple or red.

These are selling like hotcakes - go, go, go!

Standard shipping is $4.95.


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