Forget Wally, Where's the Poo? & Where's the Unicorn Poo? Books Are here

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Forget Wally, Where's the Poo? & Where's the Unicorn Poo? Books Are here

Forget Where's Wally, now you can hunt for POO all over the world! Where's the Poo? A Pooptastic Seach & Find Book is available now in paperback for $13.84, and it's just the thing to keep the kids busy, and laughing, for a good while!

Just like Where's Wally, this 40-page activity book — which is absolutely overflowing with colour and detail — contains hidden poos on each and every page.

The story goes that a bunch of poos has actually been flushed away, only to wind up in random locations around the world. It's the reader's job to track down the very special missing poos on each page - they could be found in an aquarium, or they might rock up at a roller disco.

Where's the Poo? Pooptastic Search & Find Book $13.84 @ Book Depository

Where's the Unicorn Poo? A Rainbow-Tastic Search & Find is heading our way in October, and you can pre-order at Book Depository for $15.05. This one follows on (in a kind of gross way) from the bestselling 2017 book, Where's the Unicorn?, but in this version, the aim is to hunt out the five poos left behind by Snowdrop the unicorn at various spots around the world.

I don't know a kid around who doesn't find poo hilarious. If you're after an affordable book gift with giggle factor, these are surefire winners.

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  • Dallas D.

    found the boys a new book :joy:

  • Gaylene W.

    love it! Wish it came as a puzzle as well

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    our girl would love this book!

  • Melissa M.

    the kids would love these

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    Omg I really hope I get your for Kris Kringle

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    omg! :joy: he would love this

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    these look interesting

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    I'm thinking stocking fillers

  • Donna G.

    I reckon, best we be getting it !

  • Helena H.

    shut up and take my money

  • Teresa D.

    I know some kids who would love these books :speak_no_evil:

  • Jacinta S.

    our kids would love these

  • Tina W.

    And see...there's a pink one for girls!!! :grin: