Sippy Sure Medicine Cup $14.83 @ eBay

Sippy Sure Medicine Cup $14.83 @ eBay

This is yet another invention that I wish I'd had when my kids were younger! The Sippy Sure Medicine Cup was designed by a doctor-slash-dad, and it's genius! You can buy it for just $14.83 on eBay right now, but you'd better move fast as stock is limited.

This cup will be a godsend for parents who have a rough time getting required medicine into their kids. It looks like a regular sippy cup to unassuming kids, but it's actually a medicine dispenser, owing to the ingenious medicine cup hidden underneath the lid. Small amounts of medicine are released into the child's drink with each sip, the idea being that they taste more of the yum and less of the yuk!

The medicine cup is marked with millilitres, so you'll know exactly how much your child had taken, and the entire Sippy Sure is BPA-free.

This patented cup comes from the US, and at this point it's still quite hard to find here in Australia. If this eBay seller runs low, you can also find it on Amazon Australia for $24.87 delivered.

Standard shipping is $8.99 in Australia.


  • Kylie L.

    Yeah right. Where were they when we needed it

  • Emma J.

    Till they take the first sip and spit it out and throw the cup back at u! And then will never trust that cup again wasted $14

  • Heather J.

    Omg yes I would still buy that now! It’s a struggle

  • Zoe M.

    Why cant you just put it into the drink and mix it? That's what i do 1 sip and the kid knows its not his drink Dumb!

  • Kimberley S.

    I saw this morning How good is it?

  • Corrine H.

    Hahahaha until he takes one sip... Hahaha

  • Kylie R.

    Awesome I've ordered one. Anything is worth a go

  • Lisa D.

    I have no problems getting my kids to take medi

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