$15 Off Boganology Board Game @ Catch

$15 Off Boganology Board Game @ Catch

Boganology is a deadset, bogan-themed board game, and it's the perfect holiday activity for Aussie families, and one that is 100 per cent guaranteed to have everyone in hysterics. It can be hard to find under $30, but you can grab it reduced to $19.99 at Catch right now.

The way this game works is simple. Players move around the board, buying up items and selling them to mates for cash. There are "ripper" and "drongo" cards that spice things up (much like Community Chest and Chance cards in Monopoly), and there are even Centrelink payments tied into the mix. This us Aussie culture at best, and it looks like it will be a riot - especially if the beer is flowing!

Up to four people can play this game, with a minimum of two.

Awesome gift idea for your "bogan" buddies.

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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  • Melle N.

    haha maybe I should buy this