What The F**k Should I Make For Dinner Book $16.78 Delivered @ Book Depository

What The...Should I Make For Dinner $16.78

After a gift for someone who struggles, on a daily basis, to think of what to cook for dinner - and doesn't mind a bit of profanity? This is it! By Zach Golden, this book is not only hilarious, and packed with the F word - it's totally practical. You can grab it as low as $16.78 with FREE shipping in time for Mother's Day.

Based on the website by the same name, this book is essentially every busy mum's go-to family meal guide. We all know the agony that is standing at the bench, head in hands, knowing all too well that hungry kids will attack at any given moment, and having no clue as to what to cook.


This book aims to ease the pain for the indecisive and exhausted among us, and dishes up plenty of easy-to-prepare ideas that will, thank God, get the family fed. Hallelujah!

There are meals for vegetarians, fussy eaters - and the best bit: ideas for the following night. Image it - planning ahead!

Yep, I need this.

This book ships FREE to Australia.


  • Leanne M.

    omg I totally need this! Wonder if there is a Thermi option :thinking::laughing:

  • Crystal H.

    Be better if it were written by Gordon Ramsey

  • Rachel C.

    Looks like a good book to have x

  • Sarah P.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we need this!

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