New Watermelon Smash Game $25 @ Kmart

New Watermelon Smash Game $25 @ Kmart

No doubt about it, kids all over the country are going to be hitting up Santa for Watermelon Smash this Christmas - especially if they love getting soaked! It's called Watermelon Smash, and you can grab it right now at Kmart for $25.

From toy makers Yulu, Watermelon Smash was one of the most popular new games to come out of Toy Fair 2018, and it's pretty clear to see why: it's got suspense, it involves water (kids will find any excuse to get soaked), and it's FUNNY!

So how does it work? Well, the game involves a large, kind of egg-shaped plastic watermelon that can split into two sections. The watermelon can be filled with watermelon seeds, and/or water. Players flip the spinner to see how many times they have to attempt cracking the watermelon on their noggins. If they wind up in a torrent of seeds and juice, they're OUT!

The spinner board also includes options to PASS, or to crack the watermelon on someone else's head.

My kids would be in a ball of hysterics over this one. And given how hot our summers are, and how long those end-of-year school holidays are - well, anything to keep them entertained, really. Anything!


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  • Jess A.

    another one for Xmas hehe