$95 Off VW Kombi Family Camping Tent @ Way Out Wonder

$95 Off VW Kombi Family Camping Tent @ Way Out Wonder

If you've had your eye out for a seriously unforgettable tent for the camping season, you need to make a beeline for Way Out Wander NOW! The famous VW Kombi tents are reduced by a huge $95 right now to just $399.95 - and they sleep the whole family!

These award-winning tents are official Volkswagon products, and aside from being the coolest tents around, they are built tough and can accommodate an entire family.

The tent is actually a full-scale replica of the beloved 1965 Kombi Campervan (also known as Combi). Check out some of the features:

  • External waterproofing
  • 2 x double-size rooms with zip to separate them
  • Good ventilation
  • Big enough for adults to stand up in

You can pick it up in BLUE, RED, GREEN, ORANGE or BLUE for $495 with FREE SHIPPING around Australia. I've seen Kombi tents sell up to $595 at many other stores, so this is a fantastic deal on an iconic tent.

There's also a KIDS KOMBI PLAY TENT available for $95 delivered, and it's perfect for sunny days in the backyard!

If you need this fast, there are Express Shipping options at Way Out Wonder.


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  • HayleyÁnne S.

    ... wanna get this tent I reckon!!! :-)

  • Jessica T.

    Ta. I have one in my sights

  • Shelley D.

    I’d consider camping in that...or putting it in my yard and pretending at least

  • Brooke A.

    Oh how cool is that? :smile:

  • Luke S.

    I would be worried I would wake up in the morning and find it on blocks.

  • Tania H.

    Yep that will do for the weekend

  • Jessica D.

    Omg best tent ever :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Cian D.

    Haha ive already got one with steels sides

  • Alysha Z.

    Thats it. That is most definitely my new tent :joy:

  • Kait W.

    Hahahaha. I’ll just pitch it in my front yard :joy::joy:

  • Loz J.

    that would look cool out the front, can't sleep in it, it will get dirty