VW Kombi Family Camping Tent $495 Delivered @ Way Out Wonder

VW Kombi Family Camping Tent $495 Delivered @ Way Out Wonder

These tents are AWESOME! I've had my eye out for one of these for a long time (the kids would go nuts for it!), but they always sell out very fast. The good news is I've found it in stock, and considerably cheaper than elsewhere at Way Out Wonder, where it's just $495 delivered!

These award-winning tents are official Volkswagon products, and aside from being the coolest tents around, they are built tough and can accommodate an entire family.

The tent is actually a full-scale replica of the beloved 1965 Kombi Campervan (also known as Combi). Check out some of the features:

  • External waterproofing
  • 2 x double-size rooms with zip to separate them
  • Good ventilation
  • Big enough for adults to stand up in

You can pick it up in BLUE, RED, GREEN, ORANGE or BLUE for $495 with FREE SHIPPING around Australia. I've seen Kombi tents sell up to $595 at many other stores, so this is a fantastic deal on an iconic tent.

There's also a KIDS KOMBI PLAY TENT available for $95 delivered, and it's perfect for sunny days in the backyard!

If you need this fast, there are Express Shipping options at Way Out Wonder.


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  • HayleyÁnne S.

    ... wanna get this tent I reckon!!! :-)

  • Jessica T.

    Ta. I have one in my sights

  • Shelley D.

    I’d consider camping in that...or putting it in my yard and pretending at least

  • Brooke A.

    Oh how cool is that? :smile:

  • Luke S.

    I would be worried I would wake up in the morning and find it on blocks.

  • Tania H.

    Yep that will do for the weekend

  • Jessica D.

    Omg best tent ever :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Cian D.

    Haha ive already got one with steels sides