VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Birthday Countdown Calendar $30.99 @ Zavvi

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Calendar $30.99

What a great idea! Kids are crazy about advent calendars at Christmas, so it's only natural that a birthday countdown would be just as exciting. This VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Birthday Countdown Calendar is packed with goodies, and it's available at Zavvi for $30.99 right now.

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers are a pretty big deal to most preschoolers, and the cool thing about this birthday calendar set is that items included are compatible with other sets your kids might already have.

The countdown includes eight surprise gifts: a Toot-Toot Drivers Birthday Bus, detachable birthday cake with light-up candle, a birthday card, a jigsaw, a cool cap and two road signs. The box itself fold out into a Toot-Toot roadmap - so kids can create their own Toot-Toot games and adventures.

The bus is the star of this set because it comes with sounds effects, birthday songs and other melodies built in! It runs on batteries that are included.

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Standard shipping to Australia (from the UK) is $5.99.

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    It is cool I want one

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