VTech Paw Patrol Learning Watches Now $19 @ Big W

Coolest Paw-cessories EVER!
VTech Paw Patrol Learning Watches Now $19 @ Big W

Parents of Paw fanatics, get ready to pounce! VTech's fabulous range of Paw Patrol Learning Watches are reduced to just $19 at the Big W Toy Mania sale, and that is a cracking deal on what is the hottest Paw accessory in town.

If you have a preschooler in your life, you will know all too well that Paw Patrol is LIFE to so many young kids. Whether Chase is on the case, or Marshall is tripping over something, these pups are adorable - and when you pair cute pups with a fun wearable gadget, you've got a hot product indeed!

The learning watches come in Skye, Marshall and Chase styles, and they are similar to the PJ Masks versions we saw last year. They each have a flip-up cover, adjustable wrist band, and some seriously cool features.

First of all, these are working digital watches, so they're a brilliant way to introduce the concept of time to preschoolers who might find analogue clocks confusing. In fact, there are 12 different pup-themed clock faces built in, and these are designed to help kids start to recognise different times of the day.

There is also a stop watch feature, an alarm and a timer - all very handy tools for Adventure Bay missions.

But it gets better. There are interactive games built into the watches, complete with phrases and sounds! Kids have to pick the right tools for various missions, follow animal tracks, and even recognise patterns.

So you've got some solid educational content in these, which parents will love (I sure do), and HUGE Paw factor for the kids. It's a total win-win.

Standard shipping is $7.90 or you can use FREE in-store collection if stock is on hand.

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  • Casey L.

    the kids are going to want them haha

  • Amii T.

    Mykids live these things:clap::joy:

  • Kate D.

    That's pretty cool!

  • Lena A.

    I’ll order one tomorrow x