VRSE Batman & Jurassic World Sets Just $29.99 @ Groupon

Previously $99.99 each!
VRSE Batman & Jurassic World Sets Just $29.99 @ Groupon

Are your kids into virtual reality video games? VRSE Batman and Jurassic World are both reduced to just $29 at Groupon right now, and considering these sets can cost up to $99 elsewhere, this is a deal to grab while you can!

With these games, players get to step right into the scene, and be completely immersed in the setting - be it Gotham City, or Jurassic Park.

In the Batman game, the objective is to beat the Joker in his latest scheme; in the Jurassic World set, players have to fight off a T-Rex and loads of hungry Velociraptors as they make they make their way to the Vistor's Centre. Both are fast-paced and involve a lot of combat - two things kids love in video games these days.

These sets use your smartphone to play 360-degree games via a free app, and they come with an adjustable headset and controller. Both sets are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

There's no coupon code required for this deal, simply add to cart and you're done!

Standard shipping is $5.95.


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