VeeBee EZ Rider $117.60 (with code) + FREE Shipping @ eBay

VeeBee EZ Rider $117.60 (with code) + FREE Shipping @ eBay

The VeeBee EZ Rider is a godsend for parents who have a baby AND a toddler on their hands. It's a universal attachment that provides either a seat or stand for the eldest, and needless to say, it's popular! It's usually $159.95 at full price, but by using code PARENT, you can grab this for for $117.60 delivered.

The VeeBee EZ Rider is made by Valco baby, and what makes it such a great seller is that it will fit pretty much any pram or stroller with a horizontal bar at the base.

The idea is that by attaching it to your stroller, you create a seat — with handlebars — for your toddler, so you don't inevitably wind up having to hold them AND carry the shopping bags AND push the pram!

You can choose to use the attachment as a seat or as a stand, which kids actually love. (It's kind of like skateboarding, but safer.)

The seat and stand take a maximum weight of 25 kilograms.

Fabulous invention. If my kids had been closer together in age, I'd have grabbed this in a heartbeat!


  • Enter code PARENT at checkout to reduce the price by 20% to $117.60 (expires 30th August)

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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