Up to $22 Off "My Size" Rapunzel Doll & Maximus Horse @ Toy Universe

Up to $22 Off "My Size" Rapunzel Doll & Maximus Horse @ Toy Universe

These incredible Disney "My Size" toys are all kinds of WOW, and if you have a little one in the thick of the Rapunzel phase, either )or both!) of these is going to make a gift they won't forget in a hurry. You can save $20 off Rapunzel and $22 off Maximus right now at Toy Universe - and as these aren't widely sold, you will want to move fast to get your hands on them.

This Rapunzel doll (now $119.99) is a little over 81 centimetres tall, and Maximus stands at over two feet - so you definitely don't have to worry about either of these getting lost, that's for sure.

This doll is styled exactly like the Rapunzel from the most recent movie, and her golden hair extends all the way to the floor. Her trademark purple dress is removable, as are her shoes and tiara. She also comes with a hair brush - because that hair needs a brush!

Maximus (now $247.99) comes with a brush, saddle, bridle, horse blanket, two carrots and an apple. But the most impressive thing about Maximus is that with a gentle pull on his reins, he makes horsey sounds!

Up to $22 Off

These are so impressive - I wish they'd been around when my daughter was obsessing over all things Rapunzel.

Standard shipping is $9.99 at Toy Universe.

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Both Rapunzel and Maximus are also available at David Jones.


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  • Sandra D.

    a bit pricey but she would love the doll

  • Kristy C.

    how cool Is the horse

  • Sarah L.

    aww cute

  • Wendy B.

    I know someone who would love this!!!! :blush:

  • Christal A.

    oh gosh she would love that!!!