Women's Steetfly Christmas Shoes From $29 @ Deals Direct

Women's Steetfly Christmas Shoes From $29

With any doubt, this is the most festive footwear I've seen, and it's absolutely perfect for those of us who don't stop at the tree when it comes to Christmas decorating. Prices start at just $29, and there are so many designs on offer, you'll be hard pressed to pick just one.

  1. Click here for Women's Christmas Streetfly Shoes @ Deals Direct

There are a few different styles available in this range: ballerina flats, high heels, low heels, lace-ups, sandals, boots and slip-ons. Shoes are made from first-class leatherette and range in size from EU34 to EU42.

I may or may not have five pairs in my cart...


  1. Ballerinas BBT-34 Multi Print (Santa/Snowman) $29
  2. Ballerinas Mc-102 Print (Snow Penguins) $29
  3. Ballerinas Mc-756 Print (Xmas Print) $29
  4. Ballerinas Mc-453 Print (Pink Santa) $30.20





I just wish they made them in kids' sizes! Oh well, I'll just have to buy more for Mummy to make up for it.

Standard shipping is $9.95.


  • Brooke C.

    I actually really want to get some :heart_eyes:

  • Sophie M.

    Haha love it! What a great idea I actually don't mind the grey ones :speak_no_evil::joy:

  • Sarai T.

    Oh. My. God. What will they come up with next?!!

  • Leanne M.

    What to choose though :scream:

  • Meagan P.

    9.5.... I'll have every style thanks :rolling_eyes:

  • Shannon S.

    Now these I can work with!!!!!! ng

  • Emily G.

    :joy::joy: get our Christmas outfits for the :santa_tone2: dinner!!

  • Emily G.

    Hahaha best gift idea ever!! :joy:

  • Jacqui C.

    Amazing ! Shot gun the pointed flats :joy:

  • Bec S.

    Oh my lord that’s going a bit to far :joy::joy:

  • Kylie W.

    Gee whizz! Made my day!!:information_desk_person_tone1::joy:

  • Paige N.

    Omg I want the top two!!!

  • Shea S.

    Hahaha adorable! They need some Aussie Christmas ones!

  • Kelly B.

    Yessssssss. I need these!!

  • Chloe S.

    They'd be so cool coming into Xmas season :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Natalie R.

    I need the grey santa ones!

  • Jo-anne W.

    Omg.. that's my sort of Xmas gear

  • Geraldine H.

    Bloody Christmas grrrr it is only October

  • Leeni S.

    Oh my gosh I love the top right!

  • Lisa A.

    Ooohhhh my goodness :raised_hands_tone1::heart_eyes:

  • Scotty K.

    Sorry wouldn't come in my size! :high_heel::christmas_tree:

  • Jayne W.

    I sooooo need one of each xx

  • Louise M.

    Omg how cute are they ?..?? Ha ha

  • Kaylah A.

    I saw and instantly fell in love!!'

  • Ebony H.

    The joggers For Xmas time at work! :hugging:

  • Bindi B.

    Wonder if I will be allowed to wear these at work :wink:

  • Brenda H.

    Oh yeah, how cool are they :clap_tone1:

  • Rachel G.

    :joy::joy: I’d wear them!

  • Helen D.

    I'll have the sandal/thong ones :blush:

  • Dannielle E.

    I actually would like some

  • Shelby H.

    oh me oh my :heart_eyes:

    I just got my Christmas pants and tops out too!!

  • Amy G.

    Those heels!!!!

  • Colleen N.

    love them!

  • Mel M.

    omg yes :ok_hand_tone2:

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