Up to 55% Off Holster Brands Hot Iron Holsters @ Deals Direct

Up to 55% Off Holster Brands Holsters

This is positively brilliant. I've been complaining for years about not having anywhere to put my hairdryer or straightener in my ensuite and THIS is the solution! The Holster Brands Hot Iron Holster is down from $49.95 to just $22 right now, and it's going straight in my cart!

These nifty little storage gadgets are made out of 100 per cent silicone, and like silicone ovenware that is popular now, it's heatproof (up to 260 degrees) and perfect for storing hot items, like straighteners, wands and hairdryer. You can buy the hot iron holsters in black, pink or purple for $22, or white for $25.

There are also other Holster Brands products at this sale, which are perfect for stationery, cooking gear, craft supplies, you name it. The holsters are strong and they stick to heaps of surfaces - without falling!

At this price, I think I'll grab one for my daughter's desk as well, she never has enough surface space for aaaall that stationery!

Standard shipping is $9.95.

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