Up To 50% Off Kids' Nike Footwear + $1.99 Shipping @ Sports Direct

Up To 50% Off Kids' Nike Footwear

As a result of my kids' ever-growing feet and tendency to lose shoes (how does that even happen?!), I'm constantly replacing footwear. Needless to say, I'm always after a bargain, and Sports Direct has a cracker of a sale on kids' Nike footwear right now: up to 50% off with just $1.99 shipping! And I'm off to fill up my cart...

Sports Direct is a UK-based business, and they ship to Australia - pretty quickly, too. I have ordered many things from this seller over the past few years, and quite often received my items within a week.

Check out these deals:

...and there are loads more. It definitely doesn't get cheaper than this!

With sizing, C sizes refer to younger kids (up to a size 13), after that it goes into junior sizes.

Standard shipping to Australia is just $1.99.

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