Up To 45% Off Creative Doormats @ Deals Direct

Up To 45% Off Creative Doormats

After a unique but highly practical gift for someone? Or maybe you just want to add a bit of humour to your home's entrance? Either way, this is a sale worth checking out. Deals Direct has some classic doormats on sale at up to 45% off, and they're all crackers!

I'm pretty taken with a few of these, but particularly this one, reminding women to chekc they've turned off their straighteners, got their phones and purses. Oh how I need this.

Take a look at some of these gems:

Up To 45% Off Creative Doormats @ Deals Direct

Most of these measure 60 x 40 centimetres and are made of coconut fibre with a non-slip backing.

Standard shipping is $9.99.


  • Laura C.

    we need the beware of the kids one :joy:

  • Mat G.

    Yay it what I’ve always wanted

  • Matthew L.

    Haha that’s pretty good

  • Kelly C.

    Never a truer mat slogan :joy:

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