Up to 31% Off Drinking Games at Showpo

Battle of the beverages
Up to 31% Off Drinking Games at Showpo

If you're after a Kris Kringle gift for a friend who loves a good drinking game and a good laugh, don't miss the Talking Tables games on sale now at Showpo. You can save up to $10 off the regular price, and there's cheap shipping around Australia of just $7.95.

You've got a choice of Prosecco Pong ($28), G&T Pong ($24), and Pong Wars: Beer Vs Prosecco ($28) - and all of these are hilarious games to play with a group on occasions like Christmas parties and hen's nights.

The way the games work is pretty simple, and involves two teams, with six glasses places at each end of a table in a triangular shape. Players take it in turns to bounce the included ping-pong balls across the table and into their opponent's glass. If they get one in, the opponent has to drink that entire glass!

The game continues until until one team is tipsy and the other has successfully slam-dunked all of their balls in a glass of fizz.

Of course, you can alter, bend or even break the rules a little bit to suit your group (we all know someone who will find a way to cheat!).

There's no booze included with these kits, so make a pit stop at the bottle-o before gifting any of these.

Standard shipping is $7.95 or FREE over $50.


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