Unicorn Food Cookbook $15.83 Delivered @ Book Depository

Unicorn Food Cookbook $15.83 Delivered @ Book Depository

Unicorn Food is a stand-out cookbook in the world of unicorn-inspired cooking (and yes, there is such a thing), and we've found it for an absolute steal! While you'll expect to pay up to $25 elsewhere, you can grab it at Book Depository for just $15.83 with FREE shipping.

Now, this book not only looks INCREDIBLE, but it features only plant-based recipes - all natural, lots of magic, a little wonder and a whole lot of YUM.

There are snacks, sweet delights, and even entire unicorn-inspired meals to whip up from this book, and favourites include Rainbow Sushi and Cosmic Donuts - OMG!

But what I love most about it is that it's totally kid-friendly and would make a stunning gift for any younger cooks just starting out in the kitchen.

As the cover suggests, this book includes details instructions on how to make the Instagram-famous Unicorn Birthday Cake that the world went nuts over in recent times.

Ready to get your bake on?

This book ships FREE to Australia.


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