Unicorn Cookie Mug $14.06 @ Zavvi

Unicorn Cookie Mug $14.06 @ Zavvi

A mug that understands the importance of a cookie with a cuppa! (Well, it's got a unicorn on the front, so it was bound to be magical, wasn't it?) You can pick up this gem for an absolute bargain at Zavvi: it's just $14.06 with $1.99 shipping.

I think a mug like this would brighten up many-a-person's day - particularly office workers who could use an extra pick-me-up when the three 'o clock slump rolls around.

It's is a white, ceramic mug, with plenty of room for your favourite brew and a custom hole for your bickie stash. Simply stock up your cookies, pour your cuppa and you are set.

This would make a brilliant birthday gift for a work colleague, or just a thoughtful token for any cookie-loving unicorn fan.

At just $14.06 - and given there are cookies and unicorns involved - this one's a no-brainer for me. The only real question is this: Tim Tams or Scotch Fingers?

The Unicorn Cookie Mug ships for $1.99. Allow a few weeks for delivery from Zavvi.


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  • Maddison G.

    Oh my word a somewhere to keep my cookies warm :heart_eyes::joy:

  • Angela B.

    Need to make the mug bigger to allow for the space taken up by the cookie nook in lost coffee then this would be awesome!!

  • Sharnee A.

    Omg!!! Seriously tripping now. Will never have to use 2 hands again :p

  • Taneka F.

    Not enough space left for coffee lol

  • Kate P.

    Omg unicorns and cookies I'm in love :heart_eyes:

  • Becky C.

    Omg stop it! Haha needed :joy:

  • Michelle P.

    a few people in our office could use one of these!!