Uni students get The Age for a year for $25

24 February 2009

The Age Tertiary Card is a discounted subscription for enrolled tertiary students and uni academic staff. The subscription combines weekday collection of The Age on-campus as well as weekend home delivery of both The Age on Saturday and The Sunday Age.

$25 for students, and $35 for fulltime academic staff that is a saving of over 95% off the newsstand price.

Student or academic staff identification must be provided at point of purchase to be eligible for The Age 2009 Tertiary Card. Academic staff is defined as fulltime teaching or lecturing staff at a university or TAFE.


  • craftykiwi
    If it's the same as last time it only be picked up during the week at major unis/tafes or select newsagents so check out your location if yours is a lesser know tertiary institute. We had to travel a fair distance to a newsagent to collect ours because our daughter's place of study wasn't on their recognised list.
  • nod
    ]Herald Sun I think this is a different offer :) Great time for uni students - they could grab all the major news papers for a year for a lot less than the normal price of one

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