Ultrasound Photo Frames From Just $3.50 at Kmart

Perfectly sized to fit standard ultrasound photos
Ultrasound Photo Frames From Just $3.50 at Kmart

Expecting mums, you're going to love this: Kmart has just released perfectly sized ultrasound photo frames, and they start at just $3.50 each! These are the perfect way to display what are some of the most precious photos in our lives, so head over and grab one while they last.

I think all mums will admit to spending hours gazing at their ultrasound images, especially during that very long nine-and-a-bit months of pregnancy. Not being standard-sized photos, they can be hard to display - they fall off fridges all the time, and they can get manged in handbags, especially if you already have a bag full of kiddie paraphernalia.

These frames are the perfect place to keep your ultrasound pics, and at just $3.50 each you can totally justify buying more than just one.

You've got the option of the single white frame for just $3.50, or there's a larger frame for $4.50 that allows you to display three images.

These are such a thoughtful gift idea for pregnant friends, and they're pretty sure to sell fast.

Standard shipping is $10, or you can use FREE Click & Collect for orders over $25.


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