Two Pairs "Bring Me" Socks $9.95 @ Groupon

Two Pairs "Bring Me" Socks $9.95 @ Groupon

These socks are hilarious. And handy. Especially if you generally refuse to leave the leave the couch once you're comfy. You can pick up two pairs of these 100% cotton socks for just $9.95 right now at Groupon, and they'd make cracking gifts for Christmas.

These are selling like hotcakes at Groupon, and it's pretty clear to see why! These are going to get so many laughs from friends and family, and the fact that they are made of 100% cotton means they are actually decent socks, too. Bonus!

"Bring Me" designs available at this point are as follows (you get 2 pairs):

  • Men's Grey "Beer" + Men's Black "Cold Beer"
  • Men's Grey "Beer" + Men's Red "Coffee"
  • Women's Grey "Wine" + Women's Dark Grey "Glass Of Wine"
  • Women's Grey "Wine" + Women's Black "Glass of Wine"

The mens' socks fit Australian sizes 6-11 and the women's socks fit Australia sizes 5-10.

If you're after these for Christmas gifts, you need to order NOW as delivery could take up to three weeks.

There is no further action required after checkout, and delivery is fully tracked.


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