Tricerataco Dinosaur Taco Holder $17.43 Delivered @ eBay

Tricerataco Taco Holder $17.43 Delivered

The perennial problem with tacos, as delish as they are, is that they always fall over! My kids even manage to tip over the flat-bottomed ones - go figure! This Tricerataco should save the day, though - and we've found it for a bargain on eBay: just $17.43 with FREE shipping!

This taco holder from Kidsfunwares has been super popular all around the world, not only because it's practical and holds two tacos securely, but it's a dinosaur, and we all love dinos!

It's free from BPA, and this is one you can turf in the dishwasher with no issue.

What a fab gift for taco fans, not to mention a great way to get the kids excited about dinner.

Note, if stock runs low on eBay, you can also grab it at Catch for $21.95 delivered.

This item ships FREE.


  • Shayla-Rayne M.

    I actually really want one lol

  • Alyce T.

    That’s so good maybe hed eat it Haha . :joy::joy:

  • Melissa A.

    He would probably tip it out and play with the dinosaur ..

  • Jason C.

    I just had tarco night two nights in a row

  • Joe P.

    Yes I do need a tricerataco in my house!!!!

  • Kristy S.

    Yes.. I saw this, this morning and thought Junior would love this for Tacos!

  • Nikki Z.

    Bahaha, yes!! This is awesome!!

  • Annie M.

    Yes please! That’s awesome

  • Matt B.

    It’s MY birthday soon. Just saying

  • Matt B.

    Oh hang on it’s how much!!!

  • Michelle W.

    Of course we need a set of them

  • Shani-lea W.

    Rude that we don't already.... strange desire for tacos right now

  • Emily M.

    Hahahha we need this for us not the children

  • Hannah H.

    I mean .... the kids :flushed:

  • Jesse C.

    Shuddup and take my money,!!!!

  • Shelby H.

    Whatttt?? Wow this is so cool. I want one for me, screw my kids :joy:

  • Daile P.

    Willbhavevthink about that :scream:

  • Hannah H.

    Mate I’d have 3 for my self....

  • Casey D.

    This is just amazing! I want one! For me not even the kids :joy:

  • Troy O.

    I have never wanted anything more in my life!

  • Alana F.

    hilarious! I haven't stopped eating tacos since I went to Mexico so you can imagine my delight

  • Angela B.

    I know I want one for me haha

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