Travelling With Kids? The Plane Pal Could Be Your Saviour!

Travelling With Kids? The Plane Pal Could Be Your Saviour!

Anyone who has ever flown with kids will know it can be tough - to say the least! Kids are wriggly creatures, and become even more so when they start to get tired, and that is why if they can actually stretch out and lay down, it's a huge bonus. The Plane Pal allows kids to do just that (hallelujah!), and you can buy it at Travel Universe right now from $69.95.

The genius Plane Pal is an inflatable unit that fills the space between your seat and the seat in front of you, creating a flat area big enough for small kids to lay down on, or at the very least, rest their feet on.

It's made of heavy-duty nylon and easy to inflate with the included pump, or a similar pump you might already have at home. The entire unit is light to carry, a cinch to throw in your hand luggage, and it even has its own carry bag to keep it compact.

You can buy it either with a pump for $79.95, or without the pump for $69.95

I still have visions of the numerous long-haul flights I endured with my daughter when she was a tot, and all of those visions involve her draped across me for hours on end, kicking the unfortunate person next to us as she tried to fall asleep. The Plane Pal would have been an absolute saviour!

Whether it's a one-hour flight, or a ten-hour flight, if you have kids with you on the next trip - look into this!

NOTE: The Plane Pal is approved for use on over 40 airlines, including Virgin, Etihad and Singapore Airlines. Check the list of approved airlines on each product page.

The Plane Pal ships FREE from Travel Universe.


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