Toy Story 4 Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is Here!

Toy Story 4 Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is Here!

Toy Story 4 merchandise is coming in thick and fast right now, and while there are a number of different play figures around (some of which talk!), few are getting the attention that this Ultimate WALKING Buzz Lightyear is getting. We've only seen it at Target at this point, and it's available for $49.

Now, when they say "walking", they don't mean that you can manually move the legs to move Buzz along - he actually walks all. By. Himself! He also talks, and his torso swivels from left to right.

This is definitely no ordinary character figure. This is a Buzz Lightyear robot. He's got pop-out wings, a light-up laser, and we hear rumour that he can even walk backwards!

This is a pretty spectacular toy for die-hard Buzz fans, and you definitively get a lot of value for the $49 price tag. I personally love that this Buzz brings such a dynamic element to solo imaginative play.

This is just one of many new Toy Story arrivals at Target . If you've got preschoolers in your midst, make sure you check out the adorable Fisher-Price Little People Toy Story RV - msasive cuteness.

Remember, you can use FREE Click & Collect for any order over $20 at Target.

Standard shipping is $9 or FREE over $80.


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  • Kristy D.

    yeah I’ll grab that one day :joy:

  • Madelaine M.

    How cool and slightly creepy is this

  • Michelle P.

    no way. There will be so many cool toys coming out with the new movie.

  • Amy J.

    so cool!!!

  • Kellie P.

    you can never have too many Buzz Lightyears!!! :joy:

  • Kelly O.

    omg I want it! He walks!!!

  • Ella R.

    its a real buzz!