Toy Story 4 Bucket O Soldiers $28.95 @ Toys R Us

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Toy Story 4 Bucket O Soldiers $28.95 @ Toys R Us

If you've got Toy Story fanatics on your hands, this is an awesome gift idea, especially given that it's something that encourages loads of imaginative play, doesn't need batteries, and comes with a whopping 72 soldiers! This awesome set usually ranges from $35 to $50, but we've just spotted it at Toys R Us for just $28.95.

Each soldier in this tub is around six centimetres tall, and they are all army-green, just like the ones in the Toy Story movies. These soldiers all come in different poses, and they are all on bases so that they can stand up.

The set includes Sarge (the leader), and two soldiers with plastic parachutes.

And it gets better: you even get a certificate of authenticity with this set, to prove that these are genuine replicas of the soldiers that appeared in the first Toy Story movie - and it's signed by the Director, John Lasseter. Pretty cool, right?

Toy Story 4 Bucket of Soldiers $30 @ Mighty Ape

The set is suitable for kids from around four years of age, and it's going to make a sensational gift for any fan of the movies - and any child who loves soldiers, missions, and team work.

Expect this one to sell fast! Go grab it.

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