Toddler Beach Tent With Paddling Pool $35.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Toddler Beach Tent With Paddling Pool $35.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

We all know that toddlers gravitate towards the water, but with this nifty tent, they might actually stay in the shade a little longer - maybe! You can buy these nifty pool tents as low as $35.99 on Amazon Australia with FREE shipping.

This style of tent is super easy to travel with if you're heading down to the beach. They simply pop open much like regular kids' play tents. There are pegs to secure the tent in the sand, there is UV protection, a rear ventilation window, and it's big enough for up to two littlies to play inside.

The pool is actually built into the floor of the tent and can be filled with water and sand to make a fun little paddling and splashing area for tots, all while protecting them from the sun.

I can never get my little little guy to stay in the shade, it's all about the water for him. This might be the solution I need to get him out of the sun for a few minutes at least!

Ships FREE from China.


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  • Anna M.

    does need this on the sand in Sydney

  • Airlie B.

    these be good for out the lake or the river

  • Emma B.

    Hahahaha our one isn’t that fancy

  • Sarah H.

    Argh! So cute! She'd never get out, sitting in their like Queen B :joy:

  • Kristy T.

    Could you imagine the sand in it though ahhhhhh

  • Letitia B.

    Yeah it's 'fun' til you gotta try and get it back down :joy: