Tidy Tots Bib & Tray Feeding Kit $59.99 @ Mighty Ape

Tidy Tots Bib & Tray Feeding Kit $59.99 @ Mighty Ape

It doesn't surprise me that this handy invention has picked up several awards and has the whole world talking - it's brilliant! It's also something I wish I'd had for my kids. It's not widely available in Australia, but I've found a great deal at Mighty Ape, where you can grab it for just $59.99.

You know that annoying gap between bub and the high chair? The one where all the food goes - and I mean ALL the food? Well this genius invention eliminates that gap by having a full bib that attaches to the tray. But it doesn't end there. The tray is HUGE, and it extends all the way around the high chair to catch those bits that Bub loves to drop over the side.

The bib has an adjustable neck so it will definitely see you through this feeding stage, and the kit fits almost ALL booster seats and high chairs.

Check it out in this video:

Told you it was awesome! Go get it!

Standard shipping is $5.99.


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  • Virginia B.

    Man where was this with my kids. So over cleaning the floor

  • Zoe B.

    Needs to be a full 360 bubble (with air holes :wink:)

  • Kirsty C.

    I do feel I would loose every time trying to get this on though :joy: