There's Now a Play-Doh Toy Story "Buzz Lightyear" Set!

There's Now a Play-Doh Toy Story "Buzz Lightyear" Set!

A seriously cool Toy Story Play-Doh set has just been released, and with Toy Story 4 not far away (hooray!), and Woody and Buzz are set to become the two most popular characters on the planet all over again, it's safe to say that this set is going to be mighty popular. You can buy it now on eBay for $33.45 with free delivery.

The set includes five tubs of Play-Doh compound (in yellow, green, beige, purple and red), a Woody stamper with lots of detail, a pair of Rex scissors, a Mr. Potato Head knife and a Buzz Lightyear figure.

The huge Buzz figure comes with a number of different moulds that enable kids to create Hamm, the aliens, and a three-dimensional mould of Emperor Zurg. But it gets better - you can even shoot wiggly Play-Doh lasers out of his arm! (And when I say "shoot", I actually mean "ooze".)

Toy Story Play-Doh Arrives and Buzz Lightyear Can Shoot Wiggly Lasers!

Play-doh is one of those fabulous toys that kids of all ages love, and the beauty of this particular set is that kids can play with the large Buzz figure as a stand-alone toy as well.

You can also buy this set from Ozgameshop in the UK for $32.69 with $1.99 shipping to Australia, and there are some other international eBay sellers with this in stock.

We'll keep you posted if we see this one land in Aussie stores.

NOTE: If you buy from an overseas seller on eBay, you will pay an extra 10% GST at the checkout.


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