The Wizard of Oz Just Arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshop

'We're off to see the wizard....'
The Wizard of Oz Just Arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshop

As a massive fan of The Wizard of Oz, I am so excited to see this new fashion collection pop up at Build-a-Bear Workshop this week! It includes outfits of the main gang: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and the loveable Tin Man - and good luck choosing just one!

While the US Build-a-Bear website shows a commemorative Wizard of Oz bear included in the range, there is no sign of it at the Australian store yet. But don't despair, the outfits will fit most of the standard-sized bears.

Each of the Wizard of Oz outfits $27.50 each, and very true to the original characters that we all know and love. If I had to pick a fave from this bunch (which is very tough as I love it all), it would have to be the Tin Man's silvery suit - the spout is just adorable.

If you do happen to need a bear to go with this apparel, they start as low as $20 for Condo Cub Rainbow Hearts and Chocolate Chunk Pup. (Note that the $15 and $18 bears are a smaller size than the regular bears.)

Pawlette is $25, and she looks crazy-cute dressed as Dorothy.

Each item ordered online comes already stuffed, and you have the option of including a birth certificate with the order.

Standard shipping is $9.95


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  • Cista L.

    cute!!! Although I’m a bit concerned about Dorothy :joy: