The Original Little Hands Card Holder $12.95 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay Store

Little Hands Card Holder $12.95 Delivered

If you've ever tried to play card games with young kids, you'll have to agree that a kiddie card holder is a sheer brilliance. The Original Little Hands Card Holder is available at The Gamesmen eBay Store for just $12.95 delivered - and this is me clicking add to cart...

The biggest problem that comes out of playing cards with young kids is that their little hands struggle to hold them properly. As a result, kids have a tendency to just pile them up and not even know what's in their hand, or – like my daughter always did –just put them on the floor for all opponents to see.

The Original Little Hands Card Holder is essentially a double-sided plastic paddle, with a sturdy, easy-hold handle. Kids can slot their card into the paddle and have their cards clearly visible to them, not their opponents.

Isn't it fab? Pretty easy to see why over two hundred of these have sold!

If it's card games your kids love, take a look at the discounted sets at this store while you're over there. There are Disney Cars Top Trumps Cards, Waddington's Marvel Heroes Playing Cards and Harry Potter Playing Cards all for just $7.95 delivered - and heaps more.

The Original Little Hands Card Holder ships FREE.


  • Janet B.

    Maybe we need these for the boys

  • Susan D.

    could make playing cards a little easier

  • Aliesha S.

    this would be handy for uno

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