The Mermaid Cookbook Hardback Now Just $11.70 @ ASOS

The Mermaid Cookbook Hardback Now Just $11.70 @ ASOS

For the mermaid-obsessed, this exquisite cookbook by Alix Carey is an absolute must-have addition to the bookshelf. It's packed with recipes all inspired by mermaids and the sea, and it comes down to just $11.70 right now with code ASOSSALEHI. Mother's Day is coming up - go grab it!

The Mermaid Cookbook is not only full of crazy-beautiful delectables to whip up, but it also happens to be a spectacular book to look at. It's a hardback of 144 pages, and it measures around 18 x 20 centimetres - perfect for the coffee table.

In terms of recipes, this book doesn't disappoint, and it's going to come in very handy for entertaining. There's a Sandcastle Cake, Turtle Waffles - even a Sealicious Smoothy among the creations; it's all yum and it's all the sort of swoon-worthy fare that guests will love.

This also makes a great gift idea for bigger kids who are starting to take an interest in culinary creations of the under-the-sea kind. (And I'm totally stashing a copy for my tweenager.)

Alix Carey has also written The Unicorn Cookbook, which you can find at Book Depository for $22.43.


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