The De Bortoli Wine Advent Calendar 2019 is Here!

Spoiler alert! Full contents of the calendar listed below!
The De Bortoli Wine Advent Calendar 2019 is Here!

Heads up, wine connoisseurs - the De Bortoli Wine Advent Calendar is back for 2019, and if the speed at which it sold last year is anything to go by, you are going to want to get your orders in FAST!

Each Wine Advent Calendar will cost you $139, and contains 12 x 187ml piccolos and 12 x 200ml piccolos, which means that for 24 fun-filled evenings in December, you get to enjoy a different De Bortoli drop in the perfect quantity.

So, what's in it??

Well, obviously a huge part of the fun of advent calendars is not knowing what you're going to get behind each window, but with wine, it stands to reason that connoisseurs might prefer to know what they're buying.

Here's what's included:

  • 2 x De Bortoli Prosecco 200ml
  • 2 x Emeri Moscato 200ml
  • 2 x Emeri Chardonnay Pinot Noir 200ml
  • 2 x Rococo Premium Cuvée 200ml
  • 2 x Windy Peak Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 187ml
  • 2 x DB Winemaker Selection Chardonnay 187ml
  • 2 x Pinot G Pinot Gris 200ml
  • 2 x Rosé Rosé 200ml
  • 2 x Woodfired Cabernet Sauvignon 187ml
  • 2 x Down The Lane Shiraz Tempranillo 187ml
  • 2 x Windy Peak Shiraz 187ml
  • 2 x Deen Master’s Blend 187ml

Two words of advice: move fast! Given how much Aussies love De Bortoli wines, this is guaranteed to sell like hotcakes.

The De Bortoli Wine Advent Calendar 2019 ships FREE, but if you add any extra wines to your cart while you're over there, you will be charged $10 postage.


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