The Book of W(h)ine $16.75 @ Booktopia

The Book of W(h)ine $16.75 @ Booktopia

Finally! A book that helps parents cope with their kids' irksome behaviour by pairing various disasters with the perfect wine! Add The Book of W(h)ine, by Jennifer Todryk to your essential reading list, now - it's just $16.75 and it's a cracker of a gift idea for any wine-loving parent.

With this handy reference, you'll have 50 wines at your fingertips, ready to be paired with specific examples of "rotten behaviour" to help you get through it. There's Pinot for pain, Gamay for fabricated stories, Lagrein for new teenaged-drivers, plus 47 others. Name the parenting pain, there's a wine for it.

There's a bit of interraction with this book, too. Each wine comes with a sticker, and once sampled you can go ahead and add it to your Periodic Table of Intoxication.

Help out a fellow parent, get over to Booktopia and pick up a copy. I'm sure this one won't last long.

And, if you are looking for the world's most AMAZING wine glass to go with it - you need to see this!

Standard shipping is $6.95.


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