The '80s Are Back! Shop Scrunchies & Bum Bags at Showpo

But don't worry - there's no fluoro in sight!
The '80s Are Back! Shop Scrunchies & Bum Bags at Showpo

It's true, people: the '80s are back in a big way, and don't look to be leaving again any time soon. If you're ready to leap back in time and embrace one of the best decades ever, head over to Showpo and check out the '80s-inspired accessories that will have you looking the part without any need for a perm. Because that would be going too far.

First up: scrunchies. Was there ever a hair accessory as useful as this? Why did it even disappear?? It holds hair securely, it's fluffy and fun, and it doesn't leave kinks in your locks like thin hair ties do. Everyone with long hair needs a scrunchy in their life, and Showpo has a bangin' selection.

The three-pack in velvet pink packs some major Easter vibes thanks to those bunny-ear bows, and they're a bargain for just $12.95. Then there's the animal print twin pack for $12.95 (my hands-down fave), which is going to come in very handy for elevating one-colour outfits.

Other Showpo scrunchies include fluffy, lace, gingham, and satin styles - and good luck choosing from these.

As for bum bags, these were huge in the '80s, but they've never been as stylish as they are right now. In fact, a bum bag can make an outfit - especially if it has bronze sequins!

With bum bags, you've got the option of waist bags or clip-on styles. The waist bags have a pouch attached to a belt, and they look fab with high-waisted pants and cropped tops. Clip-on bum bags can be slung over pretty much anything - from sports gear (great for carrying your phone and lip balm on those big walks), to your drinks-with-the-gals outfit.

For sheer ingenuity, check out the "Girls Night Out Waist Bag" in tan croc ($29.95). You can wear this as an over-shoulder handbag, a clutch, or a waist bag. So much cleverness, right?!

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