Swimsafe Floatsuits Just $15.20 Delivered @ eBay

Swimsafe Floatsuits Just $15.20 Delivered @ eBay

Summer is (finally) within sight, and that means months of water play. If you've got young ones who are still learning to swim, check out this deal on kids' Swimsafe Floatsuits: usually $35, they come down to just $15.20delivered (with code PARENT), and are a lot cheaper than other similar brands out there.

These suits actually have foam inserts all the way around the torso section and the neck, which gives kids a great deal of buoyancy in the water.

The brilliant thing about this design is that, unlike some vests and other flotation devices, it allows kids to move around in the water unrestricted - fabulous for practising those swimming techniques.

Suits come in either pink or blue in a range of sizes: 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5. (Check the weight ranges on the listing.)

I very nearly paid over double this much for something similar to these recently - this is going straight in my cart for my water-obsessed preschooler.



  • Enter code PARENT at checkout to reduce the price to $15.20

These suits ship FREE in Australia.


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  • Charlotte D.

    we need to find an adult size floatsuit :joy: