SUCK UK Queen Cookie Cutter Now $7.95 @ Catch

SUCK UK Queen Cookie Cutter Now $7.95 @ Catch

The Queen's birthday holiday is coming up for most states, and I can't think of anything more perfect than a queen-shaped cookie (or ten) for afternoon tea on the day. You can find the "Tea With The Queen" Cookie Cutter by SUCK UK for just $7.95 over at Catch right now.

The first thing important thing to note about this fab cookie cutter is that it yields decent-sized cookies - the likes of 11 centimetres in length. Also, it comes in a gift box, so it's absolutely perfect for wrapping up and giving to someone obsessed with all things royal, posh and delish.

40% Off Suck UK Queen Cookie Cutter @ Everten

I'd love to whip up a batch of these for my daughter to share with her class. The kids would love them, and they make a great talking point.

The famous Dino Carry Case is one of many other SUCK UK wares up for grabs at Catch with now, and given that a lot of this gear is not widely available, it's a great opportunity to stash some very cool novelty gifts.

Standard shipping is $9.99 for this item.


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