Where to Buy the Suck UK Dino Case Lunchbox

The most ROARsome lunch case EVER!
Where to Buy the Suck UK Dino Case Lunchbox

The Dino Case from Suck UK has to be one of the most unique lunch or toy caddies around, and not only is it not likely to get lost in a hurry, but it's definitely going to get a LOT of attention at school! If you've had your eye out for something fabulous (and unforgettable) for your child's first year of school, check out our lists of where to find this gem.

In Stock:

This spectacular polypropylene case (with massive Jurassic Park vibes) comes with a handle and muzzle that holds Dino's jaws together and keeps everything in place.

You can fit all sorts of bits and pieces in this, and the beauty of it is that it can be used beyond a lunchbox; it could be a handy storage case for small toys, craft supplies and other treasures kids have a habit of finding.

Yes, it's a lot pricier than the lunchboxes most of us buy for our kids - but I think Dino well and truly makes up for it in awesomeness.


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  • Jade W.

    I've already bought it and paid $60 :joy::joy:

  • Belinda U.

    thought my muchboxes were pricey lol

  • Beth F.

    Omg this is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

  • Louise E.

    doesn't look roomy enough for a sandwich lol

  • Elizabeth H.

    I can only imagine the response to this in work! Lmao

  • Caito I.

    I think she would love it. I wonder how practical it is :joy:

  • Fiona S.

    I nearly choked on my breakfast

  • Stephanie P.

    Ha! That is brilliant

  • Elisa T.

    Pretty sure I need to get this!