SUCK UK Cat Laptop Scratcher $40.30 @ eBay

SUCK UK Cat Laptop Scratcher $40.30 @ eBay

Does your cat love your laptop (especially when you are working on it?) If so, I have found the purrfect solution to get your cat off YOUR keyboard and onto its very own: presenting the Suck UK Cat Laptop Scratcher 2.0 - and it's just $40.30 on eBay right now.

This Cat Laptop Scratcher is actually kind of famous in the cat-loving world, and the fact that it comes from genius novelty merchandise creator Suck UK comes as no surprise. It's hard to find this item below $70 here in Australia, so this is a bargain!

The Cat Laptop Scratcher comes flat packed, and is a cinch to assemble. Geeky cats will love it, especially the fluffy mouse that comes with it. You can change the screensaver photo by printing a new colourful image to slide into the frame.

It's the ultimate present for those friends with cats who can never get any work done!

Standard shipping is $7.50.


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