Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Game $23.73 @ Amazon Australia

Includes Mike's "Hunt for Thessalhydra" campaign
Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Game $23.73 @ Amazon Australia

In the world of entertainment, there are few things more EPIC right now than a certain Netflix show called Stranger Things - and as far as merch goes, the Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set takes the cake. The best deal we've seen on this genius Hasbro creation is at Amazon Australia where you can grab it from the global store for just $23.73.

Recommended for ages 14 years and up, this set includes all the gear and information players need to launch into a full-scale D&D adventure - and it actually includes Mike's "Hunt for Thessalhydra" campaign, straight from the show.

Whether you're a seasoned D&D pro (Dungeons and Dragons has actually been around since the 1970s), or want to explore some of the integral Stranger Things themes, this is THE game to get in your life - or to gift that person in your life who is completely obsessed with the show. We all know someone.

The set includes an adventure book, rule book, five Stranger Things character sheets, two Demogorgon figures (one of which you can paint!), and six dice.

Shipping will cost you around $12 for this item because it is coming from the US, but it still works out to be the best delivered price we've seen on this set.

Other sellers include EB Games ($38 + shipping) and The Gamesmen ($39.95 + shipping).


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