Star Wars Darth Vader Storage Head $32.47 @ Zavvi

Star Wars Darth Vader Storage Head $32.47 @ Zavvi

How's this for some serious LEGO storage? Or hot wheels storage, or just secret knick-knack storage? The Darth Vader Storage head is, in a word, awesome, and it's the sort of decor and storage piece boys will probably love from age three to forty-three! You can pick it up for $32.47 right now at Zavvi, with $1.99 shipping.

Darth Vader is one sleek and shiny character indeed, and so too is this storage unit; it's made of black polypropylene and is of Scandinavian design. It measures 24 x 27 x 28 centimetres, so it's a decent size for holding a lot of small parts - especially LEGO, which is a toy that needs a home!

I've seen this storage head sell at nearly double this price, so it's a fantastic deal for Star Wars and LEGO fans, particularly given such low shipping.

Get over to Zavvi and check it out - maybe this is a good one to stash for Christmas!

This item ships for $1.99.


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