Stainz R Out - $1 + $14.95 P&H at Global Shop Direct

Stainz R Out - $1 + $14.95 P&H at Global Shop Direct

Stainz R Out
Stainz-R-Out Concentrated Stain Remover

Removing stains can be a real chore and knowing what cleaner to use can be even worse. What you need is Stainz R Out, the miracle stain eliminator made with banana oil. With Stainz-R-Out there are no rules.
Use Stainz R Out on any of the following:

Graffiti, Nail Polish, Tar, Oil, Blood, Lipstick, Foundation, any food stains, Pet stains, Ink, Wine, Paint, Permanent Magic Marker, Mud, Grass Stains, White Out, Hair Dye, Grease, Shoe Polish, any stain!!!

A little goes a long way. You can dilute this 10-1. Ten parts water one part stain remover. Plus its fabric friendly - no whitening agents, bleaches, no chlorine, no hydrogen peroxide, nothing that will affect the colour of your item. And there are no nitrates, no phosphates and no enzymes in Stainz R Out.

What you get:

2 x 473 ml bottles of Stainz R Out concentrate
1 x 236 ml bottle of Stainz R Out Prevent


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