Sprinkles the Unicorn Shaker $11.95 @ Zavvi

Sprinkles the Unicorn Shaker $11.95 @ Zavvi

It was only natural that Sprinkles the Unicorn Shaker should come about. I mean, what unicorn-loving lady (of any age) wouldn't rather make her fairy bread with this? You can pick it up now for just $11.95 with $1.99 shipping at Zavvi.

Sprinkles the Unicorn has holes positioned on her back; simply tip her upside down et voilà! You've got a rainbow of sprinkles for showering those baked goodies and fairy sandwiches!

Can you imagine how excited the kids would be to use this?

I think we all know someone who would love Sprinkles the Unicorn Shaker; it's a fabulous gift for Kris Kringles, kids' birthdays or baby showers, and one that's going to get a lot of laughs and a lot of love. Because everyone loves unicorns - and sprinkles!

Sprinkles the Unicorn Shaker ships for $1.99.


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