Spotlight Sale - 30% off ALL FLOOR STOCK

14 August 2011

First time ever, 2 days only
Monday 15 Aug and Tuesday 16 Aug

All floor stock excluding gift cards and sewing machines


  • sparrow
    My Mum went to Spotlight today and says there was no staff to help and material and bits all over the floor and really long ques. She says she just ended up putting all her stuff down and walked out. I was going to go there, but decided not to bother after she told me about it.
  • Rebekah76
    Sparrow - I think that would be a particular spotlight perhaps not having enough staff on. (and they underestimated the 30% impact on customer numbers). While I've always found spotlight service a little slow, it is usually worth the wait. Perhaps try a different spotlight in another suburb? The other thing I've found it to find a different time of day that isn't busy (NOT LUNCHTIME!)
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks! Our spotlight really needs to keep there stock levels up :)

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