Some very hot prices to New York return on Qantas at STA Travel (PER, BNE, MEL, SYD, ADL to JFK). Ends tonight.

I've just posted this over on the deals forum but it deserves a larger post here as well.

For today only (19/03/2013), ending at midnight, STA Travel are running a flash sale on flights to New York JFK on Qantas, Delta and United. The prices are very good, a bargain even for Qantas. The list of flights and prices is  broken down into flights for students and then flights anyone can get. I've priced up the 'everyone' tickets. I've also not priced Delta or United as though cheap they're more like flying Easyjet or Tiger for 28 hours which constitutes torture more than it does travel. There also seems to be a bit of trickery when you initially search for flights. My first search turned up the normal prices and it wasnt until I went back to the search interface and forced it to show me +/- 3 days that I got the discount prices showing.

You need to book today as its a flash sale unless your ok with Delta and United which close out on the 21st. Your travel needs to depart between the 13th of May and 11th of June 2013.  The sale tickets depart from Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

Price wise I tested flights for the following dates. Departing on the 20/05/2013 returning on the 14/08/2013 
Melbourne (MEL) to New York (JFK). Usual Qantas price is around $2800 - sale price is $1428-$1450
Sydney (SYD) to New York (JFK). Usual price $2800 sale price $1428 direct
Adelaide (ADL) to New York (JFK). Usually $3000 ish. Sale price $1706
Brisbane (BNE) to New York (JFK). Usually $2800 ish. Sale price $1437
Perth (PER) to New York (JFK). Usually $3300. Sale price $1740.

Altogether they are very good prices for Qantas flights from Australia to JFK. You can get cheaper if your flying other airlines if you're not a Qantas person. Book tickets here.

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