Smiggle Just Launched a Colour-Change Collection!

Smiggle Just Launched a Colour-Change Collection!

Just when we thought Smiggle couldn't get any more fun, the Colour-Change range arrives! From pencils to wallets, this new technology has been applied to a number of useful and popular styles, and prices start as low as just $2.95. Get over there are take a look!

The way it works is like this: each product is constructed using temperature-activating materials, and when it comes in contact with heat — such as a hand — it completely changes colour, to the extent that you can actually see hand prints!

Can you imagine how much kids will love this?

In some cases the colour change is very dramatic, for example from black to fluoro yellow, in others it's more subtle. But regardless of the actual colours, this is some very cool technology indeed.

My favourite product in the colour-change range is the Colour-Change Hardtop Pencil Cases. They're $24.95 and they come in vibrant colour options for boys and girls. Not only do you get the fab colour-change feature, but an excellent pencil case with pen holders and ample storage for all those bits and pieces.

The kids' Colour-Change Wallets ($17.95) are another firm fave, and given how much wallets are handled, they're going to provide constant entertainment to kids when they're out and about. Again, you've got some fab colours to choose from here.

Other items in the range include A5 Notebooks, A5 Pencil Cases and even Colour-Change Goo - which is Smiggle's version of slime, but way cooler than most given that it can actually change colour.

Some awesome gift ideas here - go and stock up!

Standard shipping is $9.99.


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