Sling Bookcase $22.99 Delivered @ eBay Store: xixilailai2012

Sling Bookcase $22.99 Delivered @ eBay Store: xixilailai2012

Storage always seems to be something we need more of with kids in the house, and books are an item that definitely need a good home. This Sling Bookcase is highly practical and at just $22.99 delivered, it's the lowest price I've seen on this "magazine" style of shelving unit.

What I like best about this unit (aside from the fact that it has a study wooden frame that should withstand the kids), is that it's totally unisex, so brothers and sisters can share - well, in theory anyway!

There are five tiers, with plenty of space to display books so that kids can actually see the covers - important when they are not yet reading. It measures 62cm x 28cm x 77 centimetres, and has machine-washable fabric shelving.

This seller also has two other styles available: one with a natural wood frame and one with a natural shade of fabric shelving; they are both $29.98 delivered.

These shelves come flat-packed and ship FREE.


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