Slide 'N Store Cabinet Organiser $9.99 @ Catch

Slide 'N Store Cabinet Organiser $9.99 @ Catch

This is exactly what I need to fix that corner of my pantry that is an absolute shambles! The Slide 'N Store Shelf is only $9.99 at Catch and it's just perfect for organising all of those (annoying) jars and bottles in your life. This is a 48-hour deal, so get a move on!

The way this organiser works is really quite ingenious. In less than ten centimetres of space, you can neatly fit up to 20 jars or bottles! It's an upright rack that simply slides out, and then swivels, so you can actually see what's in each shelf.

My pantry is a mess, so naturally I'm thinking I need this to help me reinstate some order there, but this would also be brilliant for bathroom cabinets and medicine cabinets.

The shelf is white, so it won't be an eyesore in your cabinet, and it you won't have to install it - it just slots right in. These usually sell for at lease double Catch's price elsewhere, so grab it while you can!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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